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Until Next Time

It is with regret that KDFSnet must report that we have lost one of our administrators. Jazza, a long time staff member of the network succumbed to cancer on April 9th, 2014. He was a friend, and a staunch supporter of KDFS spending many hours and personal funds to help ensure that KDFSnet continued to deliver an excellent network for our users to be on. We will miss him. Until next we meet in the next life or the great beyond. Whatever it may be. - Kit Drago, Network Admin.

About Us

KDFSnet was initially created by Kilmarac in the year 2000 when he, some of his friends, and a significant portion of a roleplaying group he was involved in were banned from another network without warning, and for no apparent reason. The network started as just a safe place where the group could roleplay and have fun without interference. Since then it has opened its doors to the public to use, and has grown into a full IRC network.

Overall Philosophy

We have founded the KDFSnet IRC Network in order to provide a place where people can chat and have fun in a stable environment. Where the users can have control over their own channels. Where the rules are kept to a minimum and based off of common sense. Above all, where everyone can call it a place to have fun.


KDFSnet is an unmoderated forum made possible by the donations of its service providers and volunteer staff. By connecting to KDFSnet you accept that you are a guest on a private system. Your privilege of use is revokable at any time for any reason. Further you accept that you have no claim to any data maintained by KDFSnet that you have used.